Imagine a laid back, peaceful town by the crystal clear waters of the Aegean. Situated between Izmir and the famous resort town of Çeşme; URLA, is a special place where you can stroll along the old streets of multi cultural coexistence, roam freely in the vineyards and olive groves for exceptional products.

Famous for its wine, this land has been named unique and indispensable for the likes of Ionians, the Persians, the Romans and finally the Turks.

It has touched the lives of many famous and important characters such as the Greek philosopher Anaxagoras, the Roman ruler Dominiatus, Evliya Çelebi, the Noble Laureate Seferis and the near distant Turkish writer of fame, Necati Cumalı.

When the subject is viticulture for wine production, Urla is one of the premier spots in Turkey; a country only third in over all grape production of the world! In the fertile soils of the region, besides internationally known grapes Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, SanGiovese, Nero D’Avola; Anatolian varieties such as Boğazkere, Sultana and the local Bornova Muscat are popularly grown.

All these vineyards which some are 6000 years old are the proof of historical abundance and productivity.

Among the modern day heirs, Urlice Vineyards was the first to prove its worthy of this rich heritage with its national success, where Urla Wines carried its fame international, with its state of the art production facilities and its efforts in renovating antique local grape varieties such as Gaydura and Urla Karası. Likewise USCA winery with Foça Karası and MMG winery with Bornova Muscat produced their signature red and white, respectively, from those antique and local grape varieties. Another claim to fame from this region is Mozaik winery, collecting international medals with the new hybrid grape varieties of the modern viticultural world.

With new wineries such as Limantepe and Urla Bağevi, under construction, Urla is soon to be the number one Boutique Wine Destination in Turkey. Urla Wine Route and its associates are welcoming you to discover the region, its natural beauty and internationally acclaimed delicacies. 


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