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Urla is a small and peaceful town onthe Eastern shore of the Aegean. With her undulating shores meeting the crystalclear turquoise waters, her olive groves and vineyards, her pastures dottedwith colorful endemic plants, unspoiled natural beaches, hiking and bikingtrailsUrla is quite impossible to not to fall in love with. Enamoredwith her qualities, the producers of Urla Wine Route, have believed in themerits of this peninsula with its 6000 years of wine making history as aprimary spot, just like the Ionians, Persians, Romans and finally the Turks.


Urlatheland of Anaxagoras who was claimed blasphemous for explainingthe sun as a sphere made of fire

 of Scopellianus, whom organized and revolted fellow Clazomeniansto upturn Emperor Domitians rule; a decree which called for the destruction of allthe vineyards in Ionia, due to their high quality product which adversely affectedthe prices of wine made in Rome


the town Evliya Celebi, the author of the famous traveloguecalled Seyahatname, describes as having 

''..a huge vine covers the town plazaonto which 37 different varieties of grapes were grafted.'


the village,due to the exchange of populations after 1st World War, where faiths of so manyintertwined; Such as the Greek Noble Laureate Seferis, who was born there andleft before age 10 and famous author Necati Cumalı,born in Florina, who spent rest of his life after 10, in Urla.


Today in Urla, more then 150 hectaresare devoted to vineyards. The most popular grape is Cabernet Sauvignon whichwas widely planted in 1990s from French cultivars. Merlot,Syrah, Chardonnay, Nero DAvola are also grown along with local varietals such as Boğazkere, Muscat of Bornova and Sultana.


Urlasclaim as a viticultural destination started with the establishment of UrliceVineyards in 2006. Quickly followed by Urla Wines who complementedits efforts of reviving ancient grapes Gaydura and Urla Karası (Noir dUrla) with the latest technological advancements in winemaking, Urla became known in the world of wine. Another antique grape of theregion Foça Karası( Noir de Focai) is grown and bottledby USCA Wines with its ‘’Sonnet’’label;  MMG Wines  ‘’Şatomet’’ label withits dry Muscat of Bornova and Mosaic Wines with its new hybrid grapesand numerous prizes won at international competitions, are attractingconsiderable interest to the area. The region wines are finding leadingpositions as Turkeys best in various evaluations and competitions. With newwineries such as Limantepe and Urla Bağevi,under construction, Urla is soon to be the number one Boutique Wine Destinationin Turkey.


With a firm belief: ’’Urlas past shallbe her destiny’’, the family operated wineries of this pleasurable yethard-working sector have joined to form Urla Wine and ViticultureAssociation and the eno-tourism project; Urla Wine Route. Alreadyfinding itself among other wine travel destinations of the world, Urla WineRoute and its  associates are welcomingyou to discover the region, its natural beauty and internationally acclaimeddelicacies.

Hoping to see you soon!

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